Frustrated with 2-3% return on your savings?

Earn up to 17% a year for 20 Years through the Government Feed in Tariff solar scheme.

Think it's a myth? Read on and discover how solar edge compares to other solar PV products!

Up To 17% Return & We Have Proof!

Would you like to benefit from a 17% Annual Return through the Government scheme for 20 years? Then you should be thinking “Solar Edge”. Your bank probably couldn’t give you a better deal.  The best results and the best returns and now is the best time.

“It doesn’t get any better than right now”

Why Choose Solar Edge?

Most solar PV systems are only as good as their weakest link. In other words, you only get the power of the lowest performing solar panel. As you can imagine, this can be  pretty significant. With a Solar Edge system, all of your solar panels work to their full capacity.

If you think that a 17% return is a myth, give us a call and we will show you real proof. Just look at the comparison below and see how a Solar Edge system stack up against its rivals.


  • Performance/Income Limited by Series (group wired approach)
  • Shading Dramatically Reduces Performance. You know what that means if you live in the UK. A little less performance.
  • The Highest Performing Panel is Governed by the Lowest Performing Panel
  • Panel Replacement Issues – You may Have to Replace the Entire Panel Array if Your Panel is No Longer Manufactured
  • No Notification of Panel Issues. If a panel is not working well, how will you know?
  • No Online Performance Monitoring or Reporting


  • Optimisers Guaranteed for 25 Years & Main Inverter for 20/25 years (if selected)
  • 10 – 20% More Generation Income – Each Panel Powered & Generates Individually to Produce Maximum Results
  • Shading Only Affects Panels Individually as shaded
  • All Panels Work Individually for Optimum Performance
  • Replacement Panels Do Not Have to be a Manufacturer Match
  • Email Notification of Any System Error
  • Full Online Performance Monitoring & Reporting

The clock is ticking. Time is running out. You need to get in before the Feed in Tariff rate reduces! Act Now and enjoy significant financial returns for 20 years.


Solar Edge is a smart choice if you want the best ROI. We know the system well. Call now and let us show you proof of how Solar Edge really can produce great returns. Speak to an expert about Solar Edge – 0800 014 8547