Save Money Off Your Water Heating Costs With A Solar Thermal System

Fed up with watching your energy bills go up and up? Heating water is a big part of that rising cost. Maybe it's time you took a look at the new government renewable heat incentive and solar thermal.

Solar Thermal Water Heating SystemsHow Does Solar Thermal Work?

Solar thermal systems are based on an age old and simple idea. Put liquid in a dark container, leave it in the sun and it will get warm.

Of course, these days there is a bit of technology thrown into the mix but it’s a pretty simple principle. The beauty of pretty simple is that it’s pretty unlikely to go wrong. Solar thermal is very low maintenance and very reliable.

Solar thermal falls under the governments RHI scheme so you can enjoy healthy financial returns over the seven year period.

You would be forgiven for thinking that solar thermal systems only work in the summer. They actually work all year round. Having said that, you will most likely need some support from your boiler through the winter months.

How Much Does A Solar Thermal Setup Cost?

It’s not possible to say exactly how much a setup will cost without properly surveying your property. As with solar PV systems, it’s more about cost effectiveness. There is little point in fitting extra panels if the cost outweighs the return or saving.

Sussex Energy Advisors specialise in solar technologies and we now specialise only in solar PV. If you would like to know how a solar thermal set-up would work for you though then feel free to  give us a call or drop us a line and we will be happy to discuss or put you in touch with an MCS approved solar thermal installer.

How Much Will A Solar Thermal System Save Me?

Savings With Solar Thermal

If you are using electricity or gas to heat your water, you could save significantly on your water heating costs. There are many factors that need to be considered to give an estimate of your individual saving. One of the big benefits of solar thermal systems is that they are very low maintenance and there is little to go wrong with them.

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Solar Photovoltaic AnswersDon’t Go Mad About Solar Thermal!

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