Feed In Tarif - An Investment To Feel Good About

With the recent advances in solar PV technology and the introduction of the governments feed in tarriff, there has never been a better time to invest in renewable energy. With the FIT scheme, you get paid for every unit that you produce.

Not only are those payments guaranteed for the next 20 years, they are linked to the retail price index. It's also an investment that has strong ethical values. As well as guaranteed profit, you are investing in the future of your children and grandchildren. What more reason do you need than that.

feed in tarriff imageWhat Is The Feed In Tarrif?

Anyone who installs a renewable or low carbon electricity generating system , could be eligible for payments under the UK Government’s Feed-In Tariffs scheme (FITs). See current feed in tarrif rates (Ofgem).

The Feed In Tariffs Scheme was introduced to encourage UK residents to adopt renewable energy sources. It not only helps the environment but also helps to address the looming energy crisis.

Many investment experts are saying that FIT’s are one of the most sound investments available today.

What Return Can I Expect From FIT’s?

Here is our estimated breakdown for a household system costing under £6200. This system with figures below is based on a 4kw solar PV system south-facing with a BN postcode and no shading issues. So far, we have never fitted a system that falls below the government estimates. See our home page and make sure that you get the investment you hoped to – contact us today to see what your system could generate and how much you could save with solar.

Who Can Benefit From The Feed In Tariff?

Feed In Tariff payments are made by your energy supplier. The major energy companies are required to make these payments by law. Small energy suppliers are not required to but most have opted to. If you are uncertain if your energy supplier does, you can find a list of registered FIT licensed suppliers at the ofgem website. For detailed information about the UK governments feed in tariff, we recommend the Energy Saving Trust website.

Let Us Do The Leg Work For You

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