Like The Sound Of Free Electricity?

How does free, environmentally friendly electricity for years to come sound. Of course, with our solar PV systems you won't hear a thing but you will notice a big difference in your pocket šŸ™‚

Solar PV - Solar PhotovoltaicThere’s Never Been A Better Time To Go Solar

In recent years, solar technologies have advanced dramatically. Put solar PV and the UK governments FITs together and you have a winning formula.

Lower bills, payments from your energy supplier and a cleaner environment. If that isn’t reason enough, investing in solar PV comes with government backed guarantees.

If you are thinking of switching to solar, there’s never been a better time to make the change.

How Much Does A Solar PV System Cost?

How Does The Whole Process Work?

  1. It usually starts with a telephone call. If you like what we have to say, we will carry out a survey on your property.
  2. The first thing we need to do is look at thewWorkable roof orientation/s of your property (South/East/West) and factor all aspects.
  3. We will measure yourĀ roof to determine how many panels and system size.
  4. Next we need to look at and discuss theĀ location of components.
  5. Now it’s time to run through your options for Panels & Inverters options including warranties.
  6. Once you have chosen the system that is right for you, we will look at theĀ financial returns based on your investment.
  7. After consultation, we leave and prepareĀ a writtenĀ proposal to be sent to you.
  8. Once you have looked at your proposal we will be happy to answer any further questions you ay have.