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Up To 90% Savings On Water Heating Costs

Thermo Dynamic Panel TechnologyCutting edge technology from a British company. Meet the Little Magic Box. This lean, green water heating machine works day and night. It uses thermodynamic technology to take heat from the sun, air and rain. It works day and night in all temperatures.

Easy to install and best of all, it’s British.

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Up to 30% Savings On Your Heating Costs

Magic Heating BoxEven more cutting edge technology from a British company!

This system works with your existing central heating system to maximise it’s effieciency. No more bleeding radiators. No more cracking sounds from your pipes. No more unevenly heated radiators. Just set the Magic Heating Box up and let it go to work saving you money. Works with gas, oil, solid fuel, radiators and baseboard heating.

Would you like to know more about saving up to 30% on your heating costs? Click here and check out the Magic Heating Box.

Will You Get The Solar Deal You Hoped To?

It's true. Switching to solar energy will save you money and earn you a tidy profit but it's not just as simple as hiring someone to put some solar panels on your roof. Read below and avoid casting a shadow over your new solar panels.

Quality solar installers, based in Bexhill, covering Sussex and Kent.

Lee DavisHi, I’m Lee Davis, founder of Sussex Energy Advisors LTD.

Whether your motivation is saving, earning or protecting the environment, when you make any kind of investment, you want to get the best possible return.

The UK government have introduced a great incentive to encourage us to go greener. It’s worked like a charm and smart people don’t waste time when there’s a good deal to be had. The trouble is, a lot of entrepreneurs just see an opportunity to grab some easy business. That presents you with a potential problem.

There’s no doubt that there are plenty of companies out there that will do a fine job of installing and connecting your solar panels. It’s not like fitting a kitchen or bathroom though. To ensure that you get paid, there are administration tasks and processes that have to be followed. Is the installer certified? Are you eligible for maximum FIT’s or RHI’s? Do you have an EPC? What happens if something goes wrong with your installation? Have the right procedures been put in place to protect you?

Will your solar energy deal stand the test of time?

We might all look and sound the same but we are not. Sussex Energy Advisors LTD specialise in renewable energy technologies. We know exactly what needs to be done to ensure that you get the investment you hoped to.

Don’t cast a shadow over your new solar panels. Let Sussex Energy Advisors put you on the right path. Fill out the form to your right or contact us. We think you will be glad you did.

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Now Installing Solar Edge

Did you know that traditional solar pv systems can have a bit of a handicap? Their output is limited by the weakest solar panel in the chain. With a Solar Edge system, each solar panel works to it’s maximum capability and that can make a big difference. See how a conventional system stacks up to a Solar Edge system. Visit our Solar Edge page.

Here’s What Others Say About Sussex Energy Advisors

Installation was very quick and professional. They were able to install my system exactly how I wanted it! It was a marvellous service and would definitely recommend to people who want to save money on the energy bills and get a long term income from a great investment! I had Problems with other companies due to complexity of job but Sussex Energy Advisors were brilliant and made it very simple and clear. Its good to do your bit for the environment and also benefiting yourself financially at the same time. They were very informative and made the whole process marvellous. The job was completed quickly and left tidy. Lovely people to have working in your home. Very good price compared to others charging over the top
Mr & Mrs Mockett, Bexhill on Sea
Had 4 quotes before deciding. Impressed with the presentation and honest sales process. Explained clearly the tariff scheme and how i could benefit from saving money on my bills and also generating an income. Install was quick and only took one day. The installers where very polite and did a great job. Once completed, all paperwork was easy to understand and explained well. Very happy with whole experience.
Mr B Rollinson, Brighton
Very good quick service. Clearly explained and easy to understand. Job was completed in a day. So very happy and non-disruptive. Install was very well explained and left very tidy after. Saving 50% off electricity bills in first year and also worked out to a 12% roi from feed-in-tariffs. Lovely to get paid by energy company for once! As we’re retired, we use as much of the system electricity during the day as we can as its free! Panels look good and installation very professional.
Mrs Weller, Uckfield
The work was very efficient and clearly explained. Couldn’t fault anything through the process and would consider it effortless. Very polite installers and completed in one day with no issues. Have recommended to many friends. Saving 40% on electricity bills compared to before it was installed. and earning 15% more than figures provided said I would.
Mr & Mrs Hart, Tonbridge
Service was great, system looks good on the house and only spent £90 on electric for the last three months! Would recommend a solar system to anyone wanting to save on energy bills and earn a great return. Thanks again!
Mr M Taylor, Hastings, East Sussex

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